AUGUST 2017 VOLUME 21, #8
Back to School

I love this time of year. I won’t go into detail about my weird obsession with school (and Office) supplies but I will tell you that my heart begins to flutter as the store aisles fill up. I have been this way since I was a child. Crayons, markers, spirals…oh my.

I also love to learn. I am a little sad when school starts back up that I am not going with the children into the classroom. Learning new ideas and concepts is fun for me. I am like a child when I get in a learning situation. Henry Ford once said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

In this season of learning, it is a good time to ask ourselves, “Am I growing old or am I staying young?” In other words, am I still engaged in learning? When I left seminary, I wondered if I would ever want to pick up another book but the more I had learned about the Bible the more I realized I had so much more to learn!

Let’s stay young! Let’s look for opportunities to learn together “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

Here are some opportunities:
Ages Birth to 3 years old Julia Doran
Ages 3 to 5 years old Teachers may vary,
Jennifer Summers, Jodi Gammon
Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Tina Doran
3rd – 5th Grade Nancy Pettross, Heather Long
6th – 8th Grade Dawn Bass, Tina Jenkins
9th – 12th Grade Zach Bryant, Mark Rodgers
Adult David Bass
Adult T.J. Dixon
Adult Gayle Hudson
Adult – Friendship Class Various teachers,
Suzanne Gammon, Suzette Long, Vivian Reynolds

Women’s Bible Study: Classes are taught on Wednesdays from 9am till 11:30am usually by Jane Turner. Next class will start on Wednesday, August 23rd at 9am. Will be studying Numbers – Learning Contentment in A Culture of More by Melissa Spoelstra.

I am willing to teach another bible study for anyone who is interested. Please let me know your thoughts.

My office hours will typically be 9am-4pm, Monday thru Thursday. This schedule may vary on occasion. Feel free to call the office to make sure I am in before coming by. I am going to try to make Fridays my day off.
Solar Eclipse:
A total solar eclipse will occur on Monday, August 21, 2017. The event has been described as the “Great American Eclipse” as it will be visible in totality only within a band across the entire contiguous United States. Carthage is one of the towns that will be able to see it as it becomes a total eclipse. The totality of the eclipse should last for about 2 minutes and 39 seconds around 1:28PM, although the moon’s shadow will begin to move across the sun around noon. DO NOT WATCH THE ECLIPSE WITH THE NAKED EYE. IT CAN CAUSE SERIOUS DAMAGE. (You can get eclipse sunglasses at the Chamber of Commerce for $1.00.)

The eclipse causes me to think of the passage in Exodus 34 when Moses faces God, the God upon whose face humanity could not look upon or it would mean death. But God called Moses to him. When Moses returned to the Israelites his face was radiant, it glowed. God has the ability to radiate into those he casts his eye upon and those who receive Him. Thanks to Jesus we are able to approach God all the time; the God who made the sun. The God who made the moon. The God who set it all into orbit and knows when all the eclipses will happen.

As you gaze upon the eclipse (with protection on your eyes) take a moment to thank God for all of His creation and what they bring into our lives. Pray God’s radiance shows in you!
Blessings and Peace,
Rev. Monica Mowdy

CHILDRENS MINISTRY NEWS: Happy August, and blessings from the Children’s Ministry! August brings back to school time for the children and their families! We will have a special time during the 8 and 10:30 services on August 6th to pray over this time of year. Please join us for “the blessings of the backpacks” where we pray over our children and our teachers as they bring the light of Christ into our schools again this year. Children make sure to bring your backpack, teachers bring your book bags and make sure to invite friends, classmates, and fellow teachers! As always thank you for being a congregation who loves and supports the children in their walk with God!

Ms. Nicole

CORRESPONDENCE CARE: Calling all ladies and men who would be interested in organizing a new group that meets regularly and writes notes, cards, condolences for our church members and for members in the community affiliated with the church. We are getting away from sending out the generic postcards for birthdays and anniversaries and going to a more updated and personal way to reach out in connection. There are several who have already expressed interest in being part of this- keep your ears open for a tentative meeting time to get going on this. Also, any card makers out there who like to design cards - we would be more than happy to have you provide cards for this group to mail out.
Jane Turner

Aug. 6th Rev. Tom Halliburton Men of CUMC
Aug. 13th Rev. Donna Parramore, New Superintendent of the Caney Fork River District Women’s Retreat Ladies
Aug. 20th Rev. Jason McAnally, Pastor at Home Church in Nashville Friendship Class
Aug. 27th Rev. David Ssebulime, Director of Missions & Outreach at Brentwood UMC and Founder of Raise the Roof Ministries Open
Meals will be at 6:00pm followed by the worship services at 7:00pm. Come and enjoy the food, worship service, and fellowship. Invite a friend!

NURTURE: Thank you to all the great cooks, helpers, and cleanup crew for the welcome lunch for Rev. Monica and her family. We fed over 150 people. I think this had to be the easiest lunch that I have been involved with. I have never seen as many workers in the kitchen and a lot of men on top of that! Everyone helped clean up the kitchen, dishes, put up tables and vacuum. It was great to see our church congregation socializing, and working together.

Thanks again to everyone for the great food and all of the hard workers.
Nurture Committee

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD: It seems summer was on “fast forward and it’s back to school time again! This means that school supplies will be on sale. If you plan to pack a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child, this is a great time for bargains on school supplies, clothing, and shoes.

Or, if you would like to help Becomer’s Circle with their boxes, we especially need scissors, pencil sharpeners, pens, and pencils. There will be a box just outside the backdoors of the church where you can leave your donations. Thank you for your past support.

Last year Carthage United Methodist packed 125 boxes. About 50 boxes were packed by individuals. This was our best year! These shoeboxes are, at the least, a blessing to children in poor circumstances. At the best, they can be life changing for whole families.

PARABLES: If you would like to study ahead, the following is a list of the upcoming Parables Series we will be studying.

August 6th - “The Lost Parables” Luke 15
August 13th - “The Evil Vineyard Workers” Luke 20:9-18
August 20th - “The Barren Fig Tree” Luke 13:6-9
August 27th - “Parable of the Talent” Matthew 25:14-30

PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS: Please pray for the following: Pastor Hassan Abdu Raheem & Pastor Kuma Shamal: were released from prison & received a presidential pardon. Over 200,000 signatures from around the world were collected in a petition to secure their release. (Sudan)

Michael Stock well & Michael Overdo: were preaching KJV Bible verses on the street, some bystanders protested & they were arrested. The Crown prosecution claimed that publicly quoting verses in these modern times was abusive & a criminal act. A lower court found them guilty & fined the men $2,000. Fortunately, the case was overturned on appeal. Andrea Williams of the Christian Legal center noted many Christians “are becoming increasingly fearful about expressing their beliefs in the public space.” (Bristol, England)
Submitted by,
Jill Garner

SUNDAY SCHOOL PROMOTION: The Sunday worship services have been so busy, I haven’t done an official promotion Sunday yet. Still coordinating with Rev. Monica as to when/ if best to do this. That being said, if you are a Sunday School teacher or if you are a child or youth who will be moving from one grade to another and moving out of your current SS class, feel free to go ahead and make that change at any point in August. School in Smith County officially has its first day on August 8th. Let’s plan to move up to your next class level on that following Sunday, August 13th. This would affect any children who want to start attending the pre-K class, any children who are leaving 2nd grade and going to 3rd grade, any children leaving 5th grade and going to 6th grade and any youth leaving 8th grade and going to high school. I would really like to begin a college age class as we have several in numbers now who would be appropriate for this age group/class. Will work on this. If you are a SS teacher and want any new ideas or curriculum, I have several new catalogs in for the fall season and you are welcome to check out the curriculum.
As always, thank you to teachers and students for your dedication to the program.

Pleased to serve with you,
Jane Turner
SS coordinator
Lay Leader

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY – FALL 2017: Finally, after a summer break, it is time to start again! So glad to be back in the study of God’s Word with a wonderful group of ladies- not just from our church, but from the community at large.
We would love to have any interested women join us and see what it is all about.
WHERE: Right here in the CLC of our church
WHEN: Begins Wednesday August 23rd and runs for 7 weeks-
Time -9am-11:30am
WHAT: This study is another one by Melissa Spoelstra. It is based on the book of Numbers in the Old Testament and is entitled “Learning Contentment in a Culture of More”
Could also be entitled “How the Israelite children complained for 40 years while lost in the desert even after God rescued them in a big way.” That is my working title, anyway.
Here are the chapters for the weeks
Week 1- Content in Deliverance
Week 2- Content in Preparation
Week 3- Content in Uncertainty
Week 4- Content in Obedience
Week 5- Content in Opposition
Week 6- Content in Blessings

I know there is something for everyone in the study and our discussions are so lively and rich that it is a blessing and a treat each week to be involved.
Workbooks are already in so you can get started- cost of workbook is 11$.
Did I mention that we eat really well? Come see for yourself.
sign up by letting me know or contacting Deanna in the office.
Jane Turner

WOMEN’S RETREAT: Just a reminder that the Women’s Retreat is scheduled for October 13th-15th at Beersheba Springs. The cost will be $125. The first twenty-five women that contact Jennifer Perry, Dawn Bass or Connie Baxter will have a pillow to rest their heads. Come and rest, relax, and renew!

YOGA: Wanna get fit? Jennifer Agee’s twice-weekly yoga class will resume in September. One-hour sessions start at 6p.m., Monday and Thursday. Under the sponsorship of the Becomer’s Circle, the yoga program has long been sustained by the love offerings of its participants, and will continue to be supported in that manner. No fees. Just give as you will. Join us. Your heart (and other parts) will be glad you did.

YOUNG AT HEART: Cumberland Mountain State Park was a nice cool retreat from the hot July weather. The Young at Heart group enjoyed a festive meal at the Park’s Homestead Harvest Restaurant on Tuesday, July 18th. We were privileged to have Rev. Monica go with us, share her stories of her life in Crossville, places of interest, and her previous church that she served for 6 years. It was a fun day of fellowship and adventure.

IMPORTANT OFFICE INFORMATION UPDATE: The church secretary’s email account has been changed to the following: Please make notice of this change in the office secretary’s email address.

Carthage United Methodist Church

608 Main Street North

Carthage, TN 37030





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