JULY 2017 VOLUME 21, #7
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, anti-Nazi theologian and pastor during world war II and author of The Cost of Discipleship once wrote,

"The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children."

Bonhoeffer would understand the importance of what we provide and teach our children. He was not raised in a religious home. He found a deep relationship with Christ on his own and joined the church at 14. His experiences as a pastor, teacher writer, one who had to find Christ in a low faith home and as one who was killed as he stood up to the Nazi genocide of the Jews, he knew the responsibilities of one who calls themselves a Christian.

As a church, it is our responsibility to provide a space for Christ to be offered and found by the children and young people that find their way into the doors of our church. But it is also our responsibility to seek and find those that haven't or cannot find their way in.

What a blessing offerings like Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, Youth programs and other moments where we introduce Jesus to others. Being a product of planted Vacation Bible School seeds, I wholeheartedly hope we always continue to seek ways to invest in the world we leave our children. I was so blessed to see the time some of our folks spent sitting on the floor, making crafts, learning songs, and even making snacks for the children. The children were so happy to be in the presence of our Lord learning his ways and lessons. What a world we are leaving to those kiddos.

What can we do to reach those children and young people not here? That is the question we must ask ourselves. Carthage UMC is blessed with so many that are ready to be the hands and feet of Christ to children and youth. People that give of themselves sacrificially so children and youth will know God. I love that they sang at Victory Jam!

But we all need to be involved. Allow me as your new pastor to issue a challenge. Find a child other than your own (or your own grandchild) and pray for that child, talk to the child, invest your wisdom, your faith, your life in theirs. It doesn't take a special set of spiritual gifts to pray for and laugh with a young person. Maybe it is something as simple as sliding down a big bouncy slide with one of them.

Oh, what a world we could leave for our richest resource with a small investment today. See you after Uganda!

I will be preaching on “The Parables” over the next few weeks. If you have a favorite parable that you would like to hear, please let me know. You can email me at: monica.mowdy@tnumc.com or Deanna at carthageumcsecretary@gmail.com or call the church office.
Blessings and Peace,
Rev. Monica Mowdy
BECOMER’S CIRCLE: The Becomer’s Circle will meet on Thursday, July 20th at 7:00pm at the home of Connie Baxter. All are welcome to help plan for the silent auction and other activities.

CHILDRENS MINISTRY NEWS: Happy July! And blessings from the Children`s Ministry. July brings a celebration of independence in our community and country, many times I have thought and reflected on the blessings our children have to grow up in a country of freedom and a community of love and support. I reflect on those who are thousands of miles away who are slaves to hunger, oppression, fear, pain and then reflect on my children who may be exactly the same in age but live in a completely different world. My children live in a world of freedom, love, joy, support, and it is hard to fathom ones the same age living in such pain and hardship. Shouldn’t all children be surrounded in the love that ours are? I pray that we teach our children the blessings they have in even the most simple things and teach them the responsibility they have to help those who do not. June brought the blessing of Vacation Bible School. We are so grateful for all of the children, parents, church members, and volunteers who worked and contributed to making it a wonderful week for all who attended!! It truly would not have been possible without your help and we are so thankful for you!! As summer continues we would like to find new ways for the children to use some of their free time from school to study and focus on God`s Word, if you have suggestions or ideas, please let me know. As always thank you for being a congregation who loves and supports the children in their growth with God!
Blessings! Ms. Nicole

COUNCIL OF STEWARDS: The Council of Stewards will meet on Sunday, July 30th at 11:30am immediately following the 10:30am worship service.

EDUCATION/COMMUNITY OPPORTUNITES INFORMATION: So much going on at CUMC and so many opportunities headed your way. I hope you will take the time to be in prayer and consider how God would have you use your spiritual gifts for service.

First off, a word on Sunday School. Our numbers are good for summer. As always, vacations take us away from our usual church and SS attendance, but we are holding steady. As far as Sunday School
promotion Sunday- I am uncertain as to when to schedule this. It the past, it has been on the last Sunday of July at the 10:30 service. However, this July, it is a fifth Sunday which means that we may be having
service in the CLC??- and since it is harder to hear what is going on in there, I don't want to do the promotions/recognitions then.
July 23rd service is a little too early for the promotion and we are also having Rev. Monica's welcome luncheon that day.

August 2nd is the first Sunday and Communion Sunday, so that will make for a crowded day. As you can see, it is hard to fit something in. Just hold these dates loosely in your mind. We will work something out. I do want to recognize the young ones who will be promoting from one class to the next and also show appreciation to all the teachers who go above and beyond in this call and make a difference in ways that they may never know.

It makes me so happy to say it is time to get back in gear for the Wednesday Women's Bible Study. We will be doing the study on the Old Testament book of NUMBERS- LEARNING CONTENTMENT IN A CULTURE OF MORE by Melissa Spoelstra. Here is the official description of the study: "In this study of the book of Numbers, we'll find a group of people that wandered in the desert for forty years, unable to enter the Promised Land because of their complaining, grumbling, and lack of faith. By exploring Numbers, we can come to identify the reasons for our complaining, learn contentment while being authentic about the difficulties of life, accept short term hardship in light of the greater good of God's ultimate deliverance, recognize the relationship between complaining and worry, and discover how to realign with God's character and promises."
I don't know about you, but I am the first one to sign up for this. The format will be our usual- Wednesday mornings from 9-11:30(or noon)- in the CLC. We will eat, and eat, and fellowship and cry and pray and learn and talk and listen to various stories from some of our more seasoned members and laugh and lean hard into the Word of God as we seek to live individually and collectively as the church of Christ.
All are welcome, so start inviting your friends- we will even allow men to come, but be warned, some of the stories may make you blush. Just saying.
All this fun will start on Wednesday August 23rd at 9am in the CLC. The study is 7 weeks in length and I have already pre-ordered the study guides because I got a discount at annual conference on them.
They aren't released from the publisher until August 1st though, so I will let you know when they are in the office. I am so excited to have all the gang back again and I hope we will have several new faces join us.
As always, all are welcome. This isn't a Methodist study, it is the Word of God, which knows no bounds.
Watch for sign-up sheet soon.

Ok, I am not quite sure what to call it. However, this is the situation- For many years, the traditional birthday and anniversary postcard has gone out from the church to all church members. In view of the fact that so many of the post cards were going to people who have not attended nor been affiliated with the church in many years, and people that some of us don't even know, the decision was made to transition to a more up to date way of communicating. The Ladies Bible study is really good at knowing the needs of some in the community and sending out cards to many, and this is something that would be great to go church wide. If you like to write notes, like to make cards, like to lick envelopes or in general are good at keeping lists of people's events (birthdays, anniversaries, deaths, sickness, graduations, etc.)- let's get together as a group and come up with a way to bring this ministry to life. I have found myself writing notes to people in the community, not necessarily church members, who are important to us as the church and with whom we grieve or celebrate. We need an organized way to compose a list, keep it updated, and keep notes written. Anyone up for the job? Please let Deanna Cowan or myself know.
We don't want to omit cards from anyone who looks forward to them and wants them, and likewise, we don't want to spend the effort and the church's money on cards that go immediately to the trash.

Finally, there are many needs in our community for some actual physical items and this church has always stepped up to the plate and been a source of provision.

The Emmanuel House, the local women's emergency shelter, is in need of items such as toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex, alarm clocks, laundry supplies, and personal hygiene items.
They also are in need of some people or organizations willing to make a sustained monthly financial commitment of support to the organization. There have been several reasons for this more immediate need for funding and I am happy to discuss this with you one on one, if you are interested in being a sponsor. It could be a group of people, a Sunday School class or just a club as a whole who will help with this. There are many ways to do this.

The Emmanuel House 4th of July Fireworks/Fundraiser will be held on Tuesday, July 4th, 6:00pm-9:00pm at the Smith County Ag Center. There will be a Silent Auction, activities, and fireworks.

We are also still collecting for the servicemen and women in the military. I will be gearing back up to start boxes back to the Middle East and the George HW Bush Naval Aircraft Carrier. I have the names of a couple of young men to whom we are sending packages and they share the goodies around. If you need a reminder of what they need and what is not accepted, please see me or I will try to make a list available again for supplies. Always popular beef jerky, individual packages of the powdered drink mixes, and socks (black or white). Money is accepted as well, as it costs around 18.00$ to mail each package overseas. Thank you for your support of the military.

Many opportunities will arise as we prepare for the beginning of the school year and there will be more information passed along as that time draws near as to how we can bless and uphold the teachers, staff, and students, both in a spiritual sense of prayers and in a material sense of items needed for the classroom and learning.

As Always, it is a joy to be a Field Hand along with you in service of this Person named Jesus. He is so worth it.
Jane Turner, Lay Leader/ SS Coordinator

FRIENDSHIP OPPORTUNITY: The Outreach Team is looking for a few happy people who are willing to stand at the sanctuary doors and greet people each Sunday morning, especially any visitors. In addition to a friendly greeting, you would tell them about childcare and children’s church (if they have little ones), point out where coffee is available, the location of the nursery and the restrooms, and give them a visitor’s welcome packet. If this sounds like something you would enjoy doing, please contact Jane deLong and we will set up a schedule much the same as we have for acolytes, ushers, etc.

MONTH OF SUNDAYS REVIVAL: Each Sunday evening in August at 7:00pm we will have the opportunity to hear a challenging message from the following speakers:
August 6 Our own Tom Halliburton will bring the message. (Amen, Tom!)
August 13 Reverend Donna Paramore, our new Superintendent of the Caney Fork River District, will be our speaker. Reverend Paramore has been senior pastor of Epworth UMC since 2014. She has also served as pastor of City Road Chapel UMC, Madison, TN, and Ebenezer UMC in New Johnsonville, TN.
August 20 Reverend Jason McAnally will speak to us. Rev. McAnally is husband to Melissa who is a gifted worship leader and dad to Ella. He is the planter and pastor at Home Church in Nashville. Home Church is a new UNC seeking to become home to the spiritually homeless. Reverend McAnally was a song leader and worship leader before becoming a preacher.
August 27 Reverend David Ssebulime is director of Missions and Outreach at Brentwood UMC and the founder of Raise the Roof Ministries, the mission Rev. Monica and Dylan will serve this July. Rev. Ssebulime and his eleven siblings witnessed their father's preaching, teaching, and ministering to the poor in Uganda. His father was killed in a car wreck when Rev. Ssebulime was still very young during the oppression of Idi Amin. Already poor, the family's circumstances went from bad to worse. Through God's divine hand and David's hard work, David has not only persevered but continues ministry and lifting up of children and families in Uganda.
Make your plans to come each Sunday to hear these servants of God.
Services will be at 7:00 and we will have a meal at 6:00.
We need Sunday School classes and other groups to volunteer for the meals please. If your group will be willing to prepare a meal, please contact Deanna or Nancy Pettross, Witness Chairman.

MOVIE MONTH: July will be movie month at CUMC! Each Sunday at 6:00pm we will be showing a film suitable for your family. A showing of VegeTales and games will entertain K-3 and the nursery will be open for the little ones if you choose not to have your children with you in the main theater (CLC).
JULY 9TH – God is not Dead
JULY 16th – Facing the Giants
JULY 23rd – Appalachian Dawn

Make plans for a family night of movies, popcorn, and drinks!

NURTURE: The church congregation is invited to a luncheon on Sunday, July 23rd after the 10:30am service to welcome our new pastor, Rev. Monica Mowdy and family. We are asking the congregation to bring the desserts and salads. The rest of the meal will be furnished. Hope everyone can come and show our support for our new pastor and her family.

If you would like to help in the kitchen that day, it would be very much appreciated. Just let Nancy Carter know if you wish to help.

PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS: Please remember the following in your prayers.

Bashkirs Tjahaja Purnama: the popular, first Christian mayor of Jakarta was sentenced to 2 years in prison for blasphemy. During an election speech he quoted the Koran, video of his speech was incorrectly subtitled & caused outrage. He subsequently lost the election & was brought up on the blasphemy charges. Supporters of Mr. Purnama are concerned his prosecution signals an increasing Islamization of Indonesia. (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Elly Aloo Ojiema: a teacher at Fife Primary School was shot & killed while teaching class by Al-Shabbat militants. Two other teachers, one a Christian & one a Muslim, were kidnapped by the militants when they tried to protect Elly. The violence in this area of Kenya which borders Somalia has produced an education crisis as many teachers have fled the area due to fears of being targeted. (Garissa, Kenya)

Submitted by Jill Garner

SMITH COUNTY FAIR: CUMC will have a booth at “The Fair on the River” July 31st – August 5th. If you would like to “meet and greet” those who stop by out booth, we welcome volunteers. Please sign up on the clipboard which will be passed during services.

WOMEN’S RETREAT: Just a reminder that the Women’s Retreat is scheduled for October 13th-15th for this year. All women please make sure to mark your calendars for this event. If you’ve considered attending, this is the perfect time. It’s a weekend of relaxation and renewal in our crazy world!

YOUNG AT HEART: Young at Heart began their travel on Tuesday, June 20th with a blessing & well wishes from Rev. Monica. We traveled to the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Café located between Gallatin and Hendersonville. The Café was everything we had heard & anticipated. The food was delicious and a yummy chocolate covered strawberry was served with every order. It was a day of fun, fellowship & adventure. Our plans for July are to go to Cumberland Mountain State Park on Tuesday, July 18th. If you would like to join us on our next adventure, please call the church office by Monday, July 17th to sign-up.

IMPORTANT OFFICE INFORMATION UPDATE: The church secretary’s email account has been changed to the following: carthageumcsecretary@gmail.com. Please make notice of this change in the office secretary’s email address.

Carthage United Methodist Church

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