MAY 2017 VOLUME 21, #5


The Joy of Christ

“Now I’m coming to you and I say these things while I’m in the world so that they can share completely in my joy.” John 17:13

If there is anything that ought to characterize the life of a Christian, it is joy! Jesus spoke many times to his disciples about His joy being complete and full in them. His disciples were filled with joy as they realized who they were: “But if we are children, we are also heirs. We are God’s heirs and fellow heirs with Christ.” Rom. 8:17. They had been dead in their sins but now made alive in Christ (Rom. 6:4). They had once been helpless victims of death, but now death had no hold on them (1 Cor. 15:55-58). With such a marvelous salvation experience with Christ, how could the disciples be any less than joyful?
Friends, don’t deny yourself that which is your birthright as a child of God. Don’t ever be satisfied with a joyless life. There ought to be in every Christian a deep, settled fullness of the joy of Christ that no circumstance of life can dispel. This comes as you allow the Holy Spirit to express itself in your life. One of the fruits of the Spirit is joy (Gal. 5:22). This joy is unlike any happiness that is produced by the world. It fills you and permeates everything you do.
Jesus did not pray that you would merely be happy or even that you would escape grief. He prayed that you would have the same joy that the Father had given Him; a divine joy, a joy that comes from a deep and unwavering relationship with God. It is a joy that is grounded so firmly in a relationship with God that no change in circumstances could ever shake it. This is the kind of joy that Christ is praying will be in you.


CHILDRENS MINISTRY NEWS: Happy May and Blessings from the Children’s Ministry! April was a wonderful month for us as the children lead all parts of worship for Palm Sunday, we are very proud of the work they put into the service and thank you to all of the congregation for your words of kindness and encouragement to the children. We also had a wonderful time that afternoon celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and hearing the story of His death and His glorious return and with a big Easter Egg Hunt too! In May, the children will lead the Mother’s Day service and we are excited to share with the congregation again! The children are continuing to create the artwork for our weekly bulletins, I know that the children are enjoying having another way to serve and the congregation is enjoying seeing their creativity as well. This is something that we hope to continue doing and please know that it is open to any and all to participate. If you would like to serve in this way no matter what your age please let me know! Summer is quickly approaching and with that comes the fun of Vacation Bible School. VBS will be Sunday-Wednesday this year, June 18th-June 21st from 6-8PM. Please make plans to be there and invite everyone you can! Thank you as always for being a congregation who loves and supports the children.

Ms. Nicole

MYF: 30-Hour Famine will be May 5th-6th. This is an overnight event where students work to raise awareness of and funds for the fight against world hunger. The fast will be begin at 7am on Friday, May 5th. For those of you who will be participating in the 8th grade lunch that Friday, you will begin your fast after the lunch and will only be doing a 24-hour fast. Everyone else will continue on with 30-hour fast as planned. Your forms and money raised will be due at the start of the MYF hosted Lock-In at CUMC starting at 5:30pm that evening. We will be joined by the youth ministry from First Presbyterian in Cookeville during this Lock-In where we will fellowship together with some games, activities, teaching moments, and lots of water and juice to support each other through the fast. We will break the fast with a lasagna meal at 1pm on Saturday, May 6th, and the event will conclude at 2pm. Please let me know if you have any questions about this event. This will be a fantastic opportunity to spend time together, have fun, and also make a difference in the world.

Sunday, May 21st is Youth Sunday where MYF will be taking over the Sunday Morning Worship Service at CUMC. We will be honoring our graduating seniors, as well as facilitating all aspects of that morning’s worship service. Please make plans to attend and participate in this special worship gathering.

On June 25th-30th MYF will be taking a Service Trip to Pensacola Florida. This will be a fantastic weekend of fun, service, and fellowship in the beautiful state of Florida. We will be housed by the Gateway Church of Christ and will be working with The Waterfront Rescue Mission, an organization who works with and assists the homeless communities of Pensacola. This trip will also involve leisure time spent at Pensacola Beach. Registration for this event has begun. The deadline to be registered is on Wednesday, May 10th. The total cost to attend this 6-day trip will be $100. A nonrefundable deposit of $35 will be due at the time of registration. We will make plans to fundraise if necessary and scholarships will be available based on request. As always, please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or prayer requests.


OUTREACH: The Outreach Team would like to thank everyone who helped with the Jazz Dinner Concert. This year over $2900 was raised from ticket sales, cakes that were auctioned and donations. A special thanks to Big Band Sound for joining us again this year. They were amazing! If you were not able to attend this year, please consider joining us next spring. It’s a great show and a great way to support our local band students.

PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS: Please remember the following people in your prayers.
Coptic Christians in Egypt: were targeted on Easter Sunday by terrorists who killed 45 worshippers. Pope Tawadros II encouraged worshippers to remember the joy of the resurrection after the bitterness & injustice of crucifixion. (Egypt)
Ansar Masih: a 21-year-old was attacked, beaten with iron rods & burned because of his two-year friendship with a Muslim girl. Family members of the girl had threatened Ansar with violence if he did not cut off their relationship. He is recovering from his attack & has been transferred to a larger hospital in Lahore which is better equipped to treat the burns he sustained. (India)
Ebrahim Firouzi: a 31-year-old convert to Christianity had his 5-year prison sentence upheld. He was arrested for attempting to set up a Christian website & contacting “suspicious foreigners” in 2013. Following his release in 2020, Ebrahim will be exiled to a remote area. (Iran)
Submitted by:
Jill Garner

YOUNG AT HEART: The YAH traveled to Ashland City Riverview Restaurant on a pretty April spring day. We crossed our landmark Cumberland River on our way out of town and 110 miles later crossed the scenic Cumberland River again near the Riverview Restaurant in Ashland City. The spacious restaurant has great views of the Cumberland river where one can watch the river traffic. Several of the group had traveled the river and had only viewed the restaurant from a boat. The restaurant was destroyed in 2010 during the Nashville flood that we all remember and rebuilt in 2011. Most of our group enjoyed the delicious catfish entree but the menu offers a wide selection of good southern food. Next month we plan to go to the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cafe near Hendersonville. We invite anyone who would like to share our day of fellowship and fun.

MOTHER’S DAY FLOWERS: If you would like to purchase a flower in honor of or in memory of a loved one, please complete an envelope located on the bulletin boards outside of the sanctuary and turn it in to the church office. The deadline is Wednesday, May 10th at 9:00AM. Cost is $3.00 each and make checks payable to CUMC.

Office Information: The regular email account for the church office has been down. Please be patient as we are working to resolve this issue. I am currently using a web-based email account. The email address is the same: If you send me an email and do not receive a reply from me, please call the office.

Thank You,
Deanna Cowan

Carthage United Methodist Church

608 Main Street North

Carthage, TN 37030





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